Tuesday, 3 October 2017

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I have a lovely 2 year old Smooth Haired Collie Cross who we rescued just over a year ago. She was originally from Croatia, where her mother was a street dog. Unfortunately she didn't have the best start in life, so we love to treat her all the time, which can sometimes me a bit of a nightmare when we run out, usually on a very wet cold day when all I want to do is stay watching films. We have finally found our solution to this problem, repeat delivery dog food!

Petshop.co.uk contacted me so I could let all my readers with furry friends know all about their brilliant online pet supplies store and their fantastic repeat delivery service, Bottomless Bowl. Petshop.co.uk are a nationwide home delivery subscription service for pet food, this helps save time and money as you can choose from over 10,000 major branded products to be delivered straight to your door. Petshop.co.uk automatically reorders your pet food to be delivered as frequently as you like from every 2 weeks to every 12 weeks. You can place one off orders as well as their Bottomless Bowl subscription service, the prices are great, much cheaper than in store and the vets. It also saves me doing any of the heavy lifting and carrying. Their is an array of different products such as; food, treats to dog beds and collars.

Holly was very lucky and received some lovely treats from the lovely people at Petshop.co.uk.

We received a variety of products that showcased the type of food products that Petshop.co.uk stock. We got a large bag of Huntland Grain Free dog food. This food contains 50% meat or fish and 50% vegetables, fruits and herbs, making it 100% natural. £39.99 for 12Kg and free delivery with this, don't forget you can order it on the subscription service so can receive this every fortnight up to every 12 weeks without having to leave your door.   

Holly loves her treats so she was very pleased with her Dentalife dog treats and her natural dog treats by a brand called, Catch. Dentalife is a new brand from Purina, offering daily oral care for dogs, helping in reducing tartar build up and plaque build up. Catch is a brand that believes fish is the best source of protein for us and for our furry friends. We were sent some Whitefish and Seabass cookies. Holly loved these, even my cat, Poppy, came to see what all the fuss was about and couldn't help but have a taste for herself. 

My overall experience with Petshop.co.uk was great. The parcel was delivered very quickly with some great products and some even better brands that all had brilliant health benefit Holly. The customer service was great, and the website was very easy to navigate round, order from and set up a Bottomless Bowl order. I was easily able to find the brands that we currently buy for Holly plus many more I'm sure she would love to try. The prices were all very reasonable, especially the larger bags of dog food.

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