Tuesday, 26 September 2017

# Days Out

We Went Exploring

In the heart of Leighton Buzzard lays a 210 acre country park with lakes and ancient woodlands along with conifer plantations. This country park does join onto other country parks surrounding, totalling a massive 400 acres. 

There are no "trails" to follow although the paths are clearly distinguished from the beautiful woodlands surrounding. There are toilets, a small cafe, a large amount of of outdoor seating and mass amounts of space for picnics, with a very good gated off area that does not allow dogs. 

 We actually went into the wrong entrance so unfortunately didn't get to see much of the childrens park, although Rio loved running around the the very wide and open paths, which would be suitable to large pushchairs. Looking out for the vast amount of wildlife that can be seen such as, ducks and squirrels. The park does look fab on the internet though and will definitely be back to explore the other end of this very large country park. 

 We followed the path around the country park, with a bit of woodland walking as well. The paths are great for young children, although some areas can be very steep, so not too good for those smaller pushchairs, although these steeper parts can be avoided. We didn't get lost as we all found it very easy to get your bearings again to find which way is back to the car park, although remember this isn't signposted all that well. Although we did find the locals knew the woods very well and were very friendly in assisting us at some points of our walk.

Parking was £3 for all day which is normal for most places like this. Ensure you take note of car parking closure times especially if you are going for a long walk and explore as it may take you a little longer to find your way back. 

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