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Top 10 Newborn Items

Perfect Prep Machine

The Perfect Prep Machine by Tommee Tippee ensures that the perfect temperaure bottle is made for your baby in 2 minutes. Filtering the water to ensure it is always clean and safe. It gives an initial hot shot to ensure that all bacteria is killed in the formula. The Prep Machine was a life saviour during those middle of the night feeds, when you weren't even functioning let alone able to make a bottle.

Changing Bag

I had a Pink Lining Changing Bag, it was lovely with blue bikes and birds on it, some of the designs can be quite girly, whereas this one was nice for a little boy. The changing bag was very spacious and had really good sized insulation pockets for keeping bottles warm or cold. It came with a large sized changing mat and wet bag which was great to keep those dirty wet clothes away from all the other items in your bag. There was plenty of little pockets to put my own personal belongings in as well which saved me having to search through the bag to find my stuff.


We bought so many clothes for our little boy, but we always reached for those easy to change, easy to wash sleepsuits, especially those ones with buttons all the way down the middle. These were really easy in the night to change him as I only had to undo the buttons on his legs preventing him from getting to cold and waking up too much. They were also easy to get him dressed whilst he was sleeping, as you could open it all up, lay it down and place him inside buttoning him up whilst not disturbing him. I always bought the cheaper ones so I could just throw them away if they got sick on, or the dreaded pooplosion happened whilst wearing them.

Milton dummy steriliser

Yes, we gave our little boy a dummy, he took to them really well and really helped him settle and soothe himself with it. Although when out and about sometimes he would drop it or even throw it. The Milton Dummy Steriliser would hang on my changing bag with a mixture of a small Milton sterilising tablet and water soaked in little sponges which you would place the dummy in and would be fully sterilised in a few minutes, lasting 24 hours. These were a good size so they wouldn't get in the way and were easy to carry around and store.

Mam Bottles

We used the Mam Bottles for Rio, we did try the closer to nature Tommee Tippee ones to start with but he didn't get on with them. We had heard some really good reviews on the Mam Bottles so decided to try these. They were brilliant they helped a lot with Rios colic. He didn't swallow as much air with the anti colic design. The Mam Bottles are also self sterilising, take the bottle apart placing the teat in the bottom inside the bottle filling the bottom up with a little bit of water, place the bottle in the microwave for 3 minutes and its sterilised and ready to use, This is really good if you are travelling, going on holiday or over the families and friends you can always ensure you are giving a clean sterilised bottle, without having to carry extra luggage.

Baby Monitor

A good baby monitor is always an essential, especially when you start to put your baby to bed before you go yourselves. We chose the Motorola Baby Monitor, this came with a camera and a screen that we could carry around the house with us. On the screen there were different controls for the camera such as playing lullabies through the camera in babies room and being able to zoom. You were also able to move the camera around which came in handy when Rio was a bit older and was able to play in his bedroom, I could still see what he was doing whilst I was doing jobs in another room. The screen was very clear and had very good night vision, which is obviously essential whilst using it at night.

Ewan the dream sheep

Ewan is a sheep that plays different sounds such as white noise and heart beat sounds, it also has a dim red light that is suppose to mimic the light whilst baby was inside the womb. My little boy loves this, it used to settle him right down when he was a baby. Even now, he's three years old and he still uses this to get to sleep. It was really soft when it was new, now ours is a bit worn but three years down and it is still going strong, all the buttons still work and the light still shines. There are options on the battery pack to turn the light off and to turn the music to quiet or loud, depending on what you find is right for your baby. They also do a lovely grey and white one now which is really nice.

Travel System

A good travel system is always essential, we went for the Bugaboo Chameleon. We chose this because it had a very large bassinet which Rio was able to use until he was 6 months, with plenty of room. It had a large seat, which would fit Rio now if he still used it. The basket underneath had plenty of room for shopping. We also were able to buy car seat adapters so that our maxi cosi car seat could attach to the chassis as to not wake Rio up whilst he was sleeping in the car. We ensured we chose a travel system that did not have air tyres to ensure that these would not burst. The Bugaboo has foam tyres which did not need pumping up when deflated or changing because they wouldn't pop.


Muslin cloths were always a life saviour during feeding in case of spit up or sick. Unfortunately Rio was a very sicky baby and would quite often bring up his milk whilst winding him, so we always made sure we were covered with a muslin just in case. They were also great as a comforter during the Summer. Rio was born in April so the weather was fairly warm so we used to lay one of these over Rio as he always had to have something to hold on to rather than using a thicker blanket. I didn't breastfeed but muslins would be great to add a bit of privacy if required during breastfeeding. We used to carry quite a few in Rios changing bag and in the car and always kept them lying around round the house in easy reach.

Baby Bouncer

Rio loved his bouncy chair, he would look at the toys above him and try and reach them as he got older. It was also a great place to lay him down for a nap where I could carry him from room to room if I had jobs to be done. He would also sit in it in the bathroom whilst I was showering so I could watch him. I always made sure he didn't stay too long in it though as I know this can be bad for their backs.

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