Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Toucan Box

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Now the weather is getting wetter and even colder I am continuously looking for ways to entertain Rio, my three year old boy. We can fall into bad habits of watching films and cosying up in front of the telly day in day out.  

Toucan Box is a flexible subscription service delivering creative craft boxes to children aged 3-8 years old. It's delivered with everything you will need to create some wonderful and fun craft projects that you can all get involved with. 

There are three different sized boxes that you can order; 
Petite- delivered fortnightly containing one craft project £5.95 inc delivery
Grande- delivered monthly containing 2 craft projects £12.90 incl delivery
Super- delivered monthly containing 4 craft projects £19.90 incl delivery

Don't forget that this subscription service is flexible so can be paused, or cancelled at any time, which is great for when you go on holiday, you can pause it until you get back. 

When Toucan Box contacted me to receive one of their limited edition Halloween Craft Boxes, I thought it was a fantastic idea. Rio loves anything to do with Halloween he also loves doing arts and crafts such as colouring and gluing. 

The box fits through the letterbox, so no need to wait in for it which is very good for those busy Mums. The box came with Rios name on it which he got very excited about, because he knew it was something especially for him. The box contained all the items needed to make a Jack O' Lantern, the materials were all really high quality, meaning that the Jack O' Lantern we made will last. There was also a little book which contained the easy to follow instructions (even Rio who is three could see what to do), and colouring activities all Halloween themed, which is nice as the theme of the box flows through to the other activities. 

I would highly recommend Toucan Box for those wet miserable days throughout the Winter, but all these crafts could be completed outdoors which would also mean there wouldn't be as much cleaning up to do after, always a bonus!

Use the code kerri at https://signup.toucanbox.com/  to receive the free Jack O' Lantern limited edition box when signing up. This box is only available till 19th October 2017.

Tuesday, 3 October 2017


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I have a lovely 2 year old Smooth Haired Collie Cross who we rescued just over a year ago. She was originally from Croatia, where her mother was a street dog. Unfortunately she didn't have the best start in life, so we love to treat her all the time, which can sometimes me a bit of a nightmare when we run out, usually on a very wet cold day when all I want to do is stay watching films. We have finally found our solution to this problem, repeat delivery dog food!

Petshop.co.uk contacted me so I could let all my readers with furry friends know all about their brilliant online pet supplies store and their fantastic repeat delivery service, Bottomless Bowl. Petshop.co.uk are a nationwide home delivery subscription service for pet food, this helps save time and money as you can choose from over 10,000 major branded products to be delivered straight to your door. Petshop.co.uk automatically reorders your pet food to be delivered as frequently as you like from every 2 weeks to every 12 weeks. You can place one off orders as well as their Bottomless Bowl subscription service, the prices are great, much cheaper than in store and the vets. It also saves me doing any of the heavy lifting and carrying. Their is an array of different products such as; food, treats to dog beds and collars.

Holly was very lucky and received some lovely treats from the lovely people at Petshop.co.uk.

We received a variety of products that showcased the type of food products that Petshop.co.uk stock. We got a large bag of Huntland Grain Free dog food. This food contains 50% meat or fish and 50% vegetables, fruits and herbs, making it 100% natural. £39.99 for 12Kg and free delivery with this, don't forget you can order it on the subscription service so can receive this every fortnight up to every 12 weeks without having to leave your door.   

Holly loves her treats so she was very pleased with her Dentalife dog treats and her natural dog treats by a brand called, Catch. Dentalife is a new brand from Purina, offering daily oral care for dogs, helping in reducing tartar build up and plaque build up. Catch is a brand that believes fish is the best source of protein for us and for our furry friends. We were sent some Whitefish and Seabass cookies. Holly loved these, even my cat, Poppy, came to see what all the fuss was about and couldn't help but have a taste for herself. 

My overall experience with Petshop.co.uk was great. The parcel was delivered very quickly with some great products and some even better brands that all had brilliant health benefit Holly. The customer service was great, and the website was very easy to navigate round, order from and set up a Bottomless Bowl order. I was easily able to find the brands that we currently buy for Holly plus many more I'm sure she would love to try. The prices were all very reasonable, especially the larger bags of dog food.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

We Went Exploring

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In the heart of Leighton Buzzard lays a 210 acre country park with lakes and ancient woodlands along with conifer plantations. This country park does join onto other country parks surrounding, totalling a massive 400 acres. 

There are no "trails" to follow although the paths are clearly distinguished from the beautiful woodlands surrounding. There are toilets, a small cafe, a large amount of of outdoor seating and mass amounts of space for picnics, with a very good gated off area that does not allow dogs. 

 We actually went into the wrong entrance so unfortunately didn't get to see much of the childrens park, although Rio loved running around the the very wide and open paths, which would be suitable to large pushchairs. Looking out for the vast amount of wildlife that can be seen such as, ducks and squirrels. The park does look fab on the internet though and will definitely be back to explore the other end of this very large country park. 

 We followed the path around the country park, with a bit of woodland walking as well. The paths are great for young children, although some areas can be very steep, so not too good for those smaller pushchairs, although these steeper parts can be avoided. We didn't get lost as we all found it very easy to get your bearings again to find which way is back to the car park, although remember this isn't signposted all that well. Although we did find the locals knew the woods very well and were very friendly in assisting us at some points of our walk.

Parking was £3 for all day which is normal for most places like this. Ensure you take note of car parking closure times especially if you are going for a long walk and explore as it may take you a little longer to find your way back. 

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Sunshine Blogger Award

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Going through my emails I received one from the lovely Hannah at Enchased Thought, a beautiful blog all about art giving you some great tips and tricks and creative writing. Her artwork is unbelievable. The below piece has to be my favourite. Hannah had given my blog the Sunshine Blogger Award, so thank-you so much Hannah. Keep up the good work, your art is amazing. 

What is the Sunshine Award?

The sunshine award is all about being creative, positive and inspiring. If you have been given this award by a fellow blogger you must thank them, leaving a link to their page on your blog post. Answer the 11 questions, nominate 11 other bloggers giving them 11 new questions to answer. Always make sure you send your post to your nominations so they can read all about their new well deserved award. 

Get To Know Me

What is the toughest part about blogging for you?

The toughest part has to be the amount of time it takes. Having a three year old, working part time and having a house to look after, and the amount of time that I put into my blogging sometimes it can take me days to complete one post.

What is the most enjoyable part?

I love reading all the comments from my readers. I love reading how much they like my blog. It makes me feel like i'm achieving what I'm aiming to do.

Is there something that always keeps you going during tough times?

I love the feeling of completing something, it's a great sense of achievement. That is what keeps me going. 

What’s your favourite quote?

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?

Buffalo. In Portugal there is a lovely African restaurant, they serve dishes such as ostrich, crocodile and buffalo. It's actually really nice, a lot like Beef but richer and actually a lot tastier. Although I can imagine it is a dish that has to be cooked to perfection else it could be very tough and lose a lot of flavour

Besides blogging, what else do you enjoy?

As you can tell from my other blog posts I love being outdoors. Walking is a big hobby, exploring different woods with my boyfriend, son and dog. I would be outdoors in all weather. I'd hope that one day we can move to the country with lots of fields and woods around us. 

Would you rather fly or sail somewhere? Why?

Fly, you could probably get further quicker. I love the feeling of being on an aeroplane on a big adventure. We went to Ireland this year on a ferry and I much prefer flying. Although I do like being able to walk around on the ferry, and getting fresh air when needed.

Who do you most admire, and why?

I admire my partner the most. He works so hard to support us as a family. He is such a great Dad to our three year old son. I love how much my son looks up to him. I also admire my Grandma, I have a lot of respect for her. She's there for me through thick and thin, she completely understands me. She is also an amazing Great Grandma to Rio, he totally dotes on her. 

Are you an Apple or an Android person?

Apple all the way. I honestly can't get along with Android. I have an iPhone and Apple Watch, I love both. 

What inspires you?

Books, I love reading books. I mainly enjoy reading crime novels. My favourite book so far has to be; Forget Me Not by Mandasue Heller. 

Is this your first blogging award?

No, I have been very lucky to be given the Liebster Award and The Blogger Recognition Award. I will leave a link to both below. 

My Nominees

Heather at Everything Happens in Threes
Jordyn at Jordyn Journals
Ashlee at Mama ImperfectionJessica at Jessica Gross Live Like a Mother
Dayna at Dayna Lynn
Marwa at My Experiences With...
Onyi at Sincerly Onyi
Chang at Young Traveller Blog
Dominique at Oh Beehave
Ariel at Different Frame of Mind

My Questions To You

1. If you had to do one job for the rest of your life, what would it be?
2. If you had three wishes, what would you wish for?
3. Where do you see yourself in three years?
4. Top three places you would love to travel to?
5. How do you enjoy spending your free time?
6. What is the one thing in your opinion that everyone should do once in their lifetime?
7. What do you like to do on a dull rainy day?
8. What is your favourite TV series?
9. What is your favourite holiday? why?
10. Top five favourite bloggers
11. Which celebrities would you invite to a dinner party? 

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Top 10 Newborn Items

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Perfect Prep Machine

The Perfect Prep Machine by Tommee Tippee ensures that the perfect temperaure bottle is made for your baby in 2 minutes. Filtering the water to ensure it is always clean and safe. It gives an initial hot shot to ensure that all bacteria is killed in the formula. The Prep Machine was a life saviour during those middle of the night feeds, when you weren't even functioning let alone able to make a bottle.

Changing Bag

I had a Pink Lining Changing Bag, it was lovely with blue bikes and birds on it, some of the designs can be quite girly, whereas this one was nice for a little boy. The changing bag was very spacious and had really good sized insulation pockets for keeping bottles warm or cold. It came with a large sized changing mat and wet bag which was great to keep those dirty wet clothes away from all the other items in your bag. There was plenty of little pockets to put my own personal belongings in as well which saved me having to search through the bag to find my stuff.


We bought so many clothes for our little boy, but we always reached for those easy to change, easy to wash sleepsuits, especially those ones with buttons all the way down the middle. These were really easy in the night to change him as I only had to undo the buttons on his legs preventing him from getting to cold and waking up too much. They were also easy to get him dressed whilst he was sleeping, as you could open it all up, lay it down and place him inside buttoning him up whilst not disturbing him. I always bought the cheaper ones so I could just throw them away if they got sick on, or the dreaded pooplosion happened whilst wearing them.

Milton dummy steriliser

Yes, we gave our little boy a dummy, he took to them really well and really helped him settle and soothe himself with it. Although when out and about sometimes he would drop it or even throw it. The Milton Dummy Steriliser would hang on my changing bag with a mixture of a small Milton sterilising tablet and water soaked in little sponges which you would place the dummy in and would be fully sterilised in a few minutes, lasting 24 hours. These were a good size so they wouldn't get in the way and were easy to carry around and store.

Mam Bottles

We used the Mam Bottles for Rio, we did try the closer to nature Tommee Tippee ones to start with but he didn't get on with them. We had heard some really good reviews on the Mam Bottles so decided to try these. They were brilliant they helped a lot with Rios colic. He didn't swallow as much air with the anti colic design. The Mam Bottles are also self sterilising, take the bottle apart placing the teat in the bottom inside the bottle filling the bottom up with a little bit of water, place the bottle in the microwave for 3 minutes and its sterilised and ready to use, This is really good if you are travelling, going on holiday or over the families and friends you can always ensure you are giving a clean sterilised bottle, without having to carry extra luggage.

Baby Monitor

A good baby monitor is always an essential, especially when you start to put your baby to bed before you go yourselves. We chose the Motorola Baby Monitor, this came with a camera and a screen that we could carry around the house with us. On the screen there were different controls for the camera such as playing lullabies through the camera in babies room and being able to zoom. You were also able to move the camera around which came in handy when Rio was a bit older and was able to play in his bedroom, I could still see what he was doing whilst I was doing jobs in another room. The screen was very clear and had very good night vision, which is obviously essential whilst using it at night.

Ewan the dream sheep

Ewan is a sheep that plays different sounds such as white noise and heart beat sounds, it also has a dim red light that is suppose to mimic the light whilst baby was inside the womb. My little boy loves this, it used to settle him right down when he was a baby. Even now, he's three years old and he still uses this to get to sleep. It was really soft when it was new, now ours is a bit worn but three years down and it is still going strong, all the buttons still work and the light still shines. There are options on the battery pack to turn the light off and to turn the music to quiet or loud, depending on what you find is right for your baby. They also do a lovely grey and white one now which is really nice.

Travel System

A good travel system is always essential, we went for the Bugaboo Chameleon. We chose this because it had a very large bassinet which Rio was able to use until he was 6 months, with plenty of room. It had a large seat, which would fit Rio now if he still used it. The basket underneath had plenty of room for shopping. We also were able to buy car seat adapters so that our maxi cosi car seat could attach to the chassis as to not wake Rio up whilst he was sleeping in the car. We ensured we chose a travel system that did not have air tyres to ensure that these would not burst. The Bugaboo has foam tyres which did not need pumping up when deflated or changing because they wouldn't pop.


Muslin cloths were always a life saviour during feeding in case of spit up or sick. Unfortunately Rio was a very sicky baby and would quite often bring up his milk whilst winding him, so we always made sure we were covered with a muslin just in case. They were also great as a comforter during the Summer. Rio was born in April so the weather was fairly warm so we used to lay one of these over Rio as he always had to have something to hold on to rather than using a thicker blanket. I didn't breastfeed but muslins would be great to add a bit of privacy if required during breastfeeding. We used to carry quite a few in Rios changing bag and in the car and always kept them lying around round the house in easy reach.

Baby Bouncer

Rio loved his bouncy chair, he would look at the toys above him and try and reach them as he got older. It was also a great place to lay him down for a nap where I could carry him from room to room if I had jobs to be done. He would also sit in it in the bathroom whilst I was showering so I could watch him. I always made sure he didn't stay too long in it though as I know this can be bad for their backs.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Another Award :O

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I have again been nominated by the lovely Sarah at Raising Human Beans for the Liebster Award. If your a parent head over to her blog and follow her stories with her two beautiful children Elizabeth and William. 

What is the Liebster Award?

The Liebster Award is given to small bloggers by bloggers to those that are believed to have put a lot of time and hard work into their blog. The Liebster Award originated in Germany, liebster means  sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome. It is used to help those with a new small following to build their audience and also enables others to explore new blogs. 

The Questions I Was Asked

1. Why did you start blogging?

 I started blogging as it was something I could do for myself, something I could work at, something I could design and have full control over. I really enjoyed reading other blogs, and thought it was definitely something I could do and also enjoy doing feeling like I have achieved my goal. So I chose to write about exactly what I had a passion about and what I enjoyed reading about as well. 

2. What kind of blog do you have?

I believe I have several niches, my main ones being beauty and parenting. I am a Mum to a three year old toddler so we enjoy going to lots of several toddler friendly places which is what my 'days out' section involves. 

3. Where is your favourite place in the world, that you have been?

My favourite holiday has to be one of my most recent, we went to Portugal to a little village called Burgau. We took our son who was two then. It was perfect for toddlers and we created lots of unforgettable memories as a family. 

4. If you could go anywhere, where would you choose?

Of course I would choose to take our son to Disneyland Florida. It's obviously a very magical place and he would absolutely love meeting all his favourite Disney characters. We would again create so many unforgettable memories as a family. 

5. If money wasn't an issue, would you still blog?

Of course, I love it. I always feel like I've worked towards a goal that I have accomplished. Receiving these awards makes me feel like i'm doing it correctly and I love that you guys are loving what you are reading, because I am more than enjoying writing it all. 

My Nominations

I definitely could not choose only five so I decided to add a little extra one in. 

The Rules

Thank the person that gave you the award, linking their blog on your post.
Nominate five other bloggers that you believe to have put in that little extra time and effort into their blog.
Answer the following questions.

What made you start blogging?
If you didn't blog about what you do, what else would you blog about?
Whats the one place you would always dream to visit?
What do you enjoy reading on other peoples blogs?
Whos your all time favourite blogger and why?

Thank you so much again Sarah for my nomination. 

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Not Such A Good Walk This Time

August 29, 2017 1 Comments

Finally a nice Wednesday, the sun is shining its shorts and t-shirt weather again, which it really should be in August, we've just been quite unlucky this year. We chose another country park to visit, we  hadn't heard much talk about Fermyn Country Park  but thought we'd try it out either way. We got there, middle of the day, it was fairly busy probably due to  the fact the weather was finally nice and it is the  middle of the school summer holidays. We parked up  not realising it seemed like a mile walk to the pay  machine, not too good if you have a smaller child and  on your own. Take note, the only car park payment  machine is outside the cafe. The cost of parking is £3  all day, also ensure you check what time the car park closes and some of the car parks close at 16:30. 

Looking for the trail walks advertised, we spotted the trail map, unfortunately finding the start of some of the trails was rather confusing, we wanted to do the middle walk but the "start" was not signposted the only walk signposted was the shorter walk, in fact you start the shorter walk and join the longer walk down the same path, this is not quite fully explained. 

There are three different walks; Skylark Nature Trail, 0.5 mile which will take approximately 20 minutes. Woodland Walk, 1 mile taking approximately 45 minutes and lastly Fermyn Forest Walk which is 2.25 miles which will take approximately 1.5 hours. I would say that all trails are all toddler and pram friendly they all have very wide paths and easy surface. We did the middle trail and it was great for our three year old and dog. We were able to allow Holly (our dog) off the lead during the walk. Although we did find following the trail quite difficult it wasn't explained very well there were just posts with different colour bands but these were not located in areas easy to see or follow so make sure you are following the track correctly, we didn't get lost but I can imagine it would be easy to. 

There is 3 different play parks for children that I was impressed with, there is a big park, a smaller toddler park and another climbing frame at the end of the trails. These were all well kept and although the park was busy Rio found something to play on, so there is plenty for all the children. There is also a nice little toy corner in the cafe for smaller children to play whilst you are having a bite to eat. There is ample outdoor seating and a nice little open space for picnics, although not big to play ball with Holly. 
I would recommend this Country Park although I would say it is more aimed at children rather than walks with or without the dogs. Having to pay an all day ticket for just the park in my eyes is not worth it which is a shame, I would much prefer to have the option to pay for an hour or two at a cheaper price. 


Wednesday, 23 August 2017

My First Award... And My Nominations

August 23, 2017 2 Comments
Oh my goodness, one month in and I have been given my first award, what a massive surprise seen as though there are so many wonderful blogs out there and I have only just started, it's such a boost in my confidence. It is so nice to see my readers are enjoying what I write. I can't thank Sella at The Mom's Life Cycle enough for this award. Her blog is full of wonderful stories and advice on having your first baby, from pregnancy and how to handle different situations with your toddler such as; transitioning them from cot to bed. Also featuring some beautiful DIY projects for clothing and accessories for your children. I also personally love her travel blogs, i'd love to be able to travel to different places but reading about them all and seeing the beautiful pictures will have to do for me at the moment.  A massive thank-you to Sella for my Nomination :). 

What is the Blogger Recognition Award?

The award is given to bloggers by fellow bloggers recognising them on their hard work and time they put in to their blog. This award lets us connect to other readers, telling them more about myself and why i'm doing what I do. Along with giving a helping hand to those that are just starting out by giving them two pieces of advice when just starting up their very first blog. It also allows my readers to find other blogs that may be in the same line as my own, at the end of the day I will also read what I am passionate about, as well as write about it. 

How/Why did I start blogging?

I started blogging because I used to read a lot of blogs along with watching a lot of people on youtube. I thought that it was a wonderful idea, a way to capture precious moments of the little ones growing up, it was also a way for me to have some time for myself. I also really enjoy reading reviews on make up products, another interest of mine. So thought I'd give it a go and from my very first blog I have thoroughly enjoyed doing it. Yes it takes up a lot of my time but it is so rewarding and fulfilling that it is never a chore. 

I started by choosing my platform, I use blogger, mainly because I found it easier than Wordpress. I then chose a name, Kerri and the busy life, because at the moment with having a very energetic toddler, work and a house to look after life is very busy. I also chose this name because those mums in my position can probably relate to how busy life really gets, but my blog is aimed for those to take five minutes with a cup of tea and have a quick read. 

Then I decided what I was going to write about, some people go down one route and choose one niche to write about. I have many interests and ideas I couldn't just choose one, so I thought why not write about lots of different things, mum life, reviews, beauty and days out. So that's what I did, but decided to always keep my blogs for those quick reads and not a time consuming story.  

My advice to new bloggers

I am a new blogger myself so can't give you advice from a lot of experience, but the advice I would give firstly is to enjoy what you do, if you don't enjoy it and find it a chore this will come across in your writing and will not be enjoyable for other readers to be reading. To go hand in hand with my first piece of advice, my second would be to write about something you enjoy and actually have an interest in, again this will come across in your writing and others passionate about what you are writing will want to come back and read more, growing your audience. Don't review things for the sake of it, review products or services your readers will like, but also what you like, be honest. Everything comes across in the way that you write including your mood. 

My Nominees

The rules

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and leave a link to their blog. 
  • Write a post to show your award.
  • Give a brief story of How/Why you started blogging. 
  • Give two pieces of advice you would give to brand new bloggers.
  • Select 15 other bloggers you want to give this award to. 
  • Comment on each blog letting them know you have nominated them giving the link to the post you have created. 

Nominees, please pass on the award to 15 other deserving bloggers!!

My Sephora Wishlist 2017

August 23, 2017 0 Comments

Sephora has approximately 2300 stores in about 33 countries worldwide, mainly America, with its first store in New York in 1998. Sephora is a large beauty store stocking nearly 300 brands including its own, Sephora Collection. Beauty products include make-up, skincare, fragrances, nail colour products and hair care. 

The only Sephora I have visited was in Lagos, Portugal, it was honestly like a woman's heaven; the large array of make-up in one shop was amazing. I have put together my Sephora wishlist so far, this will obviously change as new products are released or as I buy some of the products. 

I have not tried any of these products but I have swatched a couple, I have chosen these products based on what I know about the brand, recommendations from other people and my own personal likes. Therefore I am not personally recommending these as I have not tried them out, YET ;)

1. Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté Shine Oil-In-Stick Lipstick in the colour Beige Blouse

I love nude lipsticks, this colour is beautiful. I have never tried a YSL lipstick but have recently tried their foundation and was so impressed and it smelt so nice, which some foundations don't. I normally go for a matte lipstick but I really want to try a sheer finish, with a more glossy look like this one. 

2. Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

I am forever trying to find a liquid eyeliner that doesn't smudge and stays put all day. I have read endless positive reviews on this eyeliner, I will definitely be buying this in the near future. 

3. Kat Von D Shade & Light Face Contour Palette 

At the moment I am using a Rimmel contour palette, the colour is not really for my skin tone now I have lost my tan, with this having various colours I think this would be great. Also you can buy individual refill palettes once you have finished one colour, saving you buying a whole new palette. All the shades are matte which is what I prefer, compared to a shimmer. Along with three highlighters as well, this would be great for travelling. 

4. Urban Decay All Nighter Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray

I have tried the Mac Prep and Prime setting spray which was great. I have heard really good reviews on the Urban Decay setting spray so would love to try it out. As I have a toddler I do not have much time to be touching up my make-up during the day, so hopefully with this I wouldn't have to. 

5. Urban Decay All Nighter Liquid Foundation

I love a full coverage matte foundation and this ticks all those boxes. I haven't got an Urban Decay stockists near me so unfortunately have not been able to find my shade but when I do find one I will definitely be giving this a go. I am yet to find my go to foundation, I get bored very quickly so love trying different ones out now and then. 

6. Christian Louboutin Velvet Matte Lip colour in Zoulou

I am all about packaging and oh my days this packaging is gorgeous. Unfortunately this is way out of my price range but it is beautiful. I wouldn't want to use it even if I did buy it. Again this is a gorgeous nude shade which I love and it is matte which is even better. One day, maybe. 

7. Too Faced Natural Love Ultimate Neutral Eye Shadow Palette

This palette contains every single shade I could ever need, it is stunning. With 30 different shades I could create so many different looks with this palette. I am not one to wear very bold and bright colours so this is so up my street with the neutral colours, containing both shimmers and mattes. 

8. Too Faced Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara

This mascara is all over social media with a its high ratings, so I would love to get on the band wagon and give it a go myself, and its waterproof, bonus!

9. Kat Von D Alchemist Holographic Palette

Oh my goodness, can you get any more beautiful coloured highlighters than this palette. I have friends that have this and it is gorgeous, smaller than I hoped it would be, but none the less so pigmented, and beautiful. 

Monday, 14 August 2017

A Beautiful Tree Top Walk

August 14, 2017 10 Comments

Opening times; Winter GMT (Nov - Mar): 8am - 5pm
                        Summer BST (Apr - Oct): 8am - 7pm

On a wet Wednesday we decided to travel out to Northampton to visit Salcey Forest, we had heard about this forest for its famous Tree Top Walk. There is a nice cafe with a large amount of outdoor seating. There is a lovely park for children, along with The Gruffalo Walk, using an app on your phone to find the clues to help find The Gruffalo in the woods. There is a large amount of dog water bowls situated around the cafe so that your four legged friends can have a refreshment as well.  

We paid £1.50 for the hour as it was wet and didn't want to stay too much longer, it was £4 for an all day parking ticket. There are three different walks that can be done, not including the separate Gruffalo Trail. There is the Elephant Walk, 0.75 mile easy walk suitable for pushchairs and prams with its level ground, this walk can also lead you to the Tree Top Walk. The Church Path Walk 1.5 miles , this can be a muddy walk (as it was for us) that would be suitable for jogger style pushchairs with larger wheels not so much smaller buggies. Lastly The Woodpecker Trail which is the longest walk at 6 miles, circling the whole of the forest, it is stated that walking boots are advised to be worn due to some of the surfaces along the way. We actually did 2 out of the 3 walks, The Elephant and The Church Path Walk. We found both to be great for young toddlers to walk around, and our dog loved being off the lead running through the trees. The walks are all signposted very well and I did not find them to be very strenuous at all.  

The Gruffalo Trail is 1.1 mile long, although Salcey Forest have currently ran out of the activity packs, but you can still download The Gruffalo Spotters app that brings the characters to life on your phone, although this is not actuality necessary as there are plenty of signs and activity boards around the walk. When you find the Gruffalo there is a small area of wooden huts which are great for the children to play in, Rio was amazed and enjoyed running around exploring them all. This can be a very muddy area, suitable footwear is advised on wetter days. Be aware that the Gruffalo Walk is only available until 29th October 2017. 

The main reason we wanted to visit this forest was the The Tree Top Walk, a board walk that rises 15 metres above the forest floor, which is accessible for both wheelchairs and pushchairs. You get amazing views of the forest from this height. I can imagine they would be even more beautiful on a clearer day. My little boy was amazed with how far up he was, telling me he was walking in the trees. Dogs are also welcome on the Tree Top walk as long as they are on leads. 

I would definitely recommend this forest for a nice day out, the Tree Top Walk was amazing and something very different. Although there wasn't any open grassy areas to sit and have a picnic which we enjoy doing and this is a shame especially if it was a nice Spring/ Summer day. 

If you have any recommendations for lovely walks that are toddler friendly and allow us to take our dog off the lead please let me know.