Tuesday, 22 August 2017

My Sephora Wishlist 2017

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Sephora has approximately 2300 stores in about 33 countries worldwide, mainly America, with its first store in New York in 1998. Sephora is a large beauty store stocking nearly 300 brands including its own, Sephora Collection. Beauty products include make-up, skincare, fragrances, nail colour products and hair care. 

The only Sephora I have visited was in Lagos, Portugal, it was honestly like a women's heaven the large array of make-up in one shop was amazing. I have put together my Sephora wishlist so far, this will obviously change as new products are released or as I buy some of the products. 

I have not tried any of these products I have swatched a couple, I have chosen these products based on what I know about the brand, recommendations from other people and my own personal likes. Therefore I am not personally recommending these as I have not tried them out, YET ;)

1. Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté Shine Oil-In-Stick Lipstick in the colour Beige Blouse

I love nude lipsticks, this colour is beautiful. I have never tried a YSL lipstick but have recently tried their foundation and was so impressed and it smelt so nice, which some foundations don't. I normally go for a matte lipstick but I really want to try a sheer finish, with a more glossy look like this one. 

2. Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

I am forever trying to find a liquid eyeliner that doesn't smudge and stays put all day. I have read endless positive reviews on this eyeliner, I will definitely be buying this in the near future. 

3. Kat Von D Shade & Light Face Contour Palette 

At the moment I am using a Rimmel contour palette, the colour is not really for my skin tone now I have lost my tan, with this having various colours I think this would be great. Also you can buy individual refill palettes once you have finished one colour, saving you buying a whole new palette. All the shades are matte which is what I prefer, compared to a shimmer. Along with three highlighters as well this would be great for travelling. 

4. Urban Decay All Nighter Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray

I have tried the Mac Prep and Prime setting spray which was great. I have heard really good reviews on the Urban Decay setting spray so would love to try it out. As I have a toddler I do not have much time to be touching up my make-up during the day, so hopefully with this I wouldn't have to. 

5. Urban Decay All Nighter Liquid Foundation

I love a full coverage matte foundation and this ticks all those boxes. I haven't got an Urban Decay stockists near me so unfortunately have not been able to find my shade but when I do find one I will definitely be giving this a go. I am yet to find my go to foundation, I get bored very quickly so love trying different ones out now and then. 

6. Christian Louboutin Velvet Matte Lip colour in Zoulou

I am all about packaging and oh my days this packaging is gorgeous. Unfortunately this is way out of my price range but it is beautiful. I wouldn't want to use it even if I did buy it. Again this is a gorgeous nude shade which I love and it is matte which is even better. One day, maybe. 

7. Too Faced Natural Love Ultimate Neutral Eye Shadow Palette

This palette contains every single shade I could ever need, it is stunning. With 30 different shades I could create so many different looks with this palette. I am not one to wear very bold and bright colours so this is so up my street with the neutral colours, containing both shimmers and mattes. 

8. Too Faced Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara

This mascara is all over social media with a its high ratings, so I would love to get on the band wagon and give it a go myself, and its waterproof, bonus!

9. Kat Von D Alchemist Holographic Palette

Oh my goodness, can you get any more beautiful coloured highlighters than this palette. I have friends that have this and it is gorgeous, smaller than I hoped it would be, but none the less so pigmented, and beautiful. 

Monday, 14 August 2017

A Beautiful Tree Top Walk

August 14, 2017 9 Comments

Salcey Forest

Opening times; Winter GMT (Nov - Mar): 8am - 5pm
                        Summer BST (Apr - Oct): 8am - 7pm

On a wet Wednesday we decided to travel out to Northampton to visit Salcey Forest, we had heard about this forest for its famous Tree Top Walk. There is a nice cafe with a large amount of outdoor seating. There is a lovely park for children, along with The Gruffalo Walk, using an app on your phone to find the clues to help find The Gruffalo in the woods. There is a large amount of dog water bowls situated around the cafe so that your four legged friends can have a refreshment as well.  

We paid £1.50 for the hour as it was wet and didn't want to stay too much longer, it was £4 for an all day parking ticket. There are three different walks that can be done, not including the separate Gruffalo Trail. There is the Elephant Walk, 0.75 mile easy walk suitable for pushchairs and prams with its level ground, this walk can also lead you to the Tree Top Walk. The Church Path Walk 1.5 miles , this can be a muddy walk (as it was for us) that would be suitable for jogger style pushchairs with larger wheels not so much smaller buggies. Lastly The Woodpecker Trail which is the longest walk at 6 miles, circling the whole of the forest, it is stated that walking boots are advised to be worn due to some of the surfaces along the way. We actually did 2 out of the 3 walks, The Elephant and The Church Path Walk. We found both to be great for young toddlers to walk around, and our dog loved being off the lead running through the trees. The walks are all signposted very well and I did not find them to be very strenuous at all.  

The Gruffalo Trail is 1.1 mile long, although Salcey Forest have currently ran out of the activity packs, but you can still download The Gruffalo Spotters app that brings the characters to life on your phone, although this is not actuality necessary as there are plenty of signs and activity boards around the walk. When you find the Gruffalo there is a small area of wooden huts which are great for the children to play in, Rio was amazed and enjoyed running around exploring them all. This can be a very muddy area, suitable footwear is advised on wetter days. Be aware that the Gruffalo Walk is only available until 29th October 2017. 

The main reason we wanted to visit this forest was the The Tree Top Walk, a board walk that rises 15 metres above the forest floor, which is accessible for both wheelchairs and pushchairs. You get amazing views of the forest from this height. I can imagine they would be even more beautiful on a clearer day. My little boy was amazed with how far up he was, telling me he was walking in the trees. Dogs are also welcome on the Tree Top walk as long as they are on leads. 

I would definitely recommend this forest for a nice day out, the Tree Top Walk was amazing and something very different. Although there wasn't any open grassy areas to sit and have a picnic which we enjoy doing and this is a shame especially if it was a nice Spring/ Summer day. 

If you have any recommendations for lovely walks that are toddler friendly and allow us to take our dog off the lead please let me know. 

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

My Toddler Must Haves

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I have a three year old little boy called Rio, he is our first child, born April 2014. He is a very energetic, cheeky and sometimes rather demanding child. He is absolutely obsessed with cars, he can name 9/10 correctly, also linking car badges to different members of the family. He enjoys being outside in any weather playing on his bike and usually taking his tool kit 'fixing' his large amount of cars. 

August already! It's wet, rainy and cold, where's the summer gone? I don't want the summer holidays to be over too quickly because my little man will be starting nursery, then a year later he'll start school. He's growing up far too fast it seems like only yesterday that he was small enough to hold in my arms. He is Mr Independent at the moment, likes to do everything himself; dress himself, feed himself, even attempt to make his own breakfast, which can turn into a bit of a mess most mornings. 

He will be 4 in April, and in the past couple of years we have learnt so much, his interests have changed a lot and what he requires on a day to day basis has also changed. He is now fully potty trained during the day, he also walks majority of the time, listening when he wants to, so obviously his needs and ours have changed. I'm going to let you know about my toddler must haves for my son that I couldn't go each day without, neither could my son.

Portable Potty

 As Rio is now fully potty trained during the day we  bought a portable potty to go in the car in case we need  to stop in places that may not have any toilets. Me and  my boyfriend did a lot of research on different portable  potties, we wanted one that was easy to set up, easy to  carry around but also had to be easy to discard of the  contents. We decided to purchase the Potette Plus Potty  from Mothercare for £15. We chose this one because it  was easy to set up as both, a sit on potty but could also  be used as a toilet seat on  toilets, meaning we could use it when over at families. It came with a bag to carry it in and some liners,we did purchase a pack of liners as well which to be honest were a little costly. Another reason we chose this one was because of the liners, they are little bags that go inside and hook round the potty with an absorbent layer inside, once your child is finished you unhook the bag tie it and can dispose of it. It is very easy to use, I have used it in the car boot, at the park and in changing rooms. It is small enough to fit in Rios backpack along with everything else he requires, but is big enough when folded out for a tall three year old to use. 

Cosy Coupe

What child does not have the classic Cosy Coupe car weather in red, pink or the new truck style cars. They are all great and every child loves them. Rio is obsessed with cars and will spend hours and hours playing outside with his car. He has his very own car key often going round the garden pretending he is going to fill up with diesel. Rio also loves playing mechanics in which he takes his tools outside to "fix" his car. The Cosy Coupe is durable in the rain and snow so can be left out all year round, although may fade a little in the sun. The Cosy Coupe comes with a foot stall so can be pushed to the park by Mum or Dad, or have your child push it along themselves with their feet without the foot rest. There are lots of different add ons such as a trailer and a little petrol pump. We bought ours from Toys R us, but they can be bought in many other shops. I believe we got ours for around £50, they normally have offers on them. 

Art Supplies

Rio loves colouring and using stickers. We have a large amount of art products; crayons, paints, paper and stickers. We always ensure we buy the washable pens and paints as these can get fairly messy but always such good fun. We tend to leave the painting to do outside but this doesn't have to be the way. We have Rios artwork displayed on the fridge which is lovely to keep, he also likes to draw pictures for friends and family. I would recommend the Crayola Mini Markers as I find these easy to get out of clothes and are very good for small hands. Art supplies are also great to take out with you for use at restaurants or on planes or on long car journeys etc. We have recently come back from Ireland and found colouring kept Rio entertained for a lot longer. 


Rio doesn't need a changing bag any more as we don't have to carry very much around with us. Although we still need a change of clothes, a drink, his potty and a pack of wipes along with a large amount of snacks to keep him occupied a decent sized backpack is essential. We let Rio choose his as it will probably end up being his nursery bag come September, so at the moment he has a Spiderman one. It has a large compartment at the back and small one on the front which is great to keep all my stuff such as my phone and purse, saving me carrying a bag as well. Ensure that it is a sturdy bag as nothing worse than it breaking whilst you are out. Also ensure you can fit everything you need in it, again nothing worse than hunting for the wipes whilst your child is in need of the toilet. I also ensure I have plenty of anti bac wipes and hand sanitiser on me with Rio being potty trained you don't know what state the toilets are in when in desperate need. 

Snack Boxes

As i said before Rio still snacks a fair amount between meals usually on apples, carrot sticks, pepper sticks and bread sticks. We have a variety of different snack boxes to keep all these in. This is so much easier than those little plastic sandwich bags. I also choose ones that are very easy to wash ones without those little spaces for crumbs to sit. Grabbing a quick snack on a long car journey keeps the little ones entertained for while until you stop. Ensure these are leak proof to ensure they don't leak all over your bag.

Bed Rail

Rio has been out of his cot for about a year now, we had a cot bed so all we had to do was take the sides off and he was left with a toddler bed. He transitioned very well to a bed without much fuss which we we're very lucky about. Rio is a fidget, he can't sit still for 5 minutes and he's the same when hes sleeping so we purchased a bed rail to stop him from falling out of bed. We bought the Lindam Bed Rail from Asda, it was very easy to put together and install to his bed and he has never fallen out of bed, *touch wood*. 

Good Pair of Walking Shoes

We do a lot of walking, we have a smooth collie cross dog that has an unlimited amount of energy. As Rio is a great walker we no longer use his buggy. Due to all the walking we invested in a pair of Dr Martens for him as these are very comfortable and durable and keep Rios feet nice and dry on those wet walks. It is very important to get your childs feet measured regularly, if ours is anything to go by there feet grow so quickly. There is nothing worse than shoes that don't fit and hurt especially for those developing feet. We did have a pair of Hunter wellies for Rio, but he said these were hurting his feet so we were on the search for a pair of shoes that were comfortable but also stylish so he could wear with anything, anywhere. There is a great Dr Martens outlet store in Wollaston, they do a large amount of childrens shoes at very good prices, these particular ones cost us £25.  


Rio is on his way to being potty trained during the night, this requires a lot of wake up calls to go to the toilet. We have a little nightlight in his bedroom to ensure that he can get out of bed and through his bedroom without hurting himself and not waking him up too much by having to switch the main light on. At the moment Rio comes into us but as this stops and he starts to go to the toilet himself we will also get some for the bathroom. I have seen some that hook on the inside of the toilet which look fantastic and are not too bright to wake him up too much. There is no need to spend lots, I'm sure ours were about £1 from Asda, they all serve the same purpose. 


We all love books, not just Rio. We read to Rio every night before bed we find it settles him down for the night. We have a large amount of books ranging from old classics such as Dogger by Shirley Hughes to Mr Men by Roger Hargreaves. Rios absolute favourites are The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson and of course the classic The Cat in The Hat by Dr. Seuss. You can get a lot of cheap books from places such as The Works but we find supermarkets to be the best value and usually have a few offers. Books are great to widen a childs vocabulary, Rio often repeats a lot of words from the books we are reading to him. Rio also likes to ask us lots of questions about the books and the pictures. We always give Rio the choice of which book to read this is nice for him to choose as he is then very interested in the book.

Let me know what your toddler must haves are :)


Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Is Simply Cook worth it?

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Simply Cook

I am the worst person to be thinking of different meals to cook each week, especially with a fussy toddler, and my boyfriend not being much easier. I end up cooking the same meals week in and week out and to be honest I am getting so bored of spaghetti bolognese and jacket potatoes with salads. I came across a subscription service called Simply Cook, which means they do all the thinking for me. 

Simply Cook boxes contain 4 different recipes which are easy to follow along with 4 recipe kits, including herbs and spices, pastes, oils, rubs and garnishes, which means all I have to do is shop for the fresh ingredients that are all listed on a very easy tear off strip, so no large amounts of paper pushing a trolley around the supermarket, with a bored toddler. Simply cook costs £9.99 in which you can choose how often you receive the boxes. They do gluten free boxes, light boxes which are less than 600 calories per meal and boxes that don't contain fish. You can choose your meals out of a large selection by selecting which meals you want out a large menu with an array of different meals, meaning you always get meals you like the look and sound of.  

I received by Simply Cook box last week and have shopped for all my fresh ingredients, which were easy to find and not weird ingredients like some recipes I have tried in the past and could all be found in the local supermarket. I was happy that I did not have to be in when the box arrived,as it fit through my letterbox. In the box were 4 little boxes which all contained 3 little tubs of magic, these were what was going to bring the flavours to your meals, and boy, they all had amazing flavours. 

Penne Alla Rustica

Mediterranean- inspired dish with chorizo, pasta, tomatoes in a creamy sauce. 

What did the box contain?   

Wild Garlic and Rosemary
Red Pepper Sprinkle
Rustica Paste

What did I have to buy?

Cherry Tomatoes
Single Cream

The fresh ingredients cost me £7.20, the 3 pots worked out at approximately £2.50 all together which means this meal cost me £9.70. This meal fed 2 adults and a toddler very easily costing less than £3.20 each. 

It was very easy to cook, and the recipe was very simple to follow. It took me about 15 minutes to prep and cook which was great as a quick mid week meal. It had a mass amount of flavour that we all thoroughly enjoyed, including my toddler. It had a slight amount of spice to it which was great because I am a huge fan of spicy food, but it wasn't too much for my toddler. I didn't have to use too much equipment, 2 saucepans, colander and a chopping board and knife. So not much washing up to do, always a bonus. 

Vietnamese Pork

Sweet and sticky dish served with rice 

What did the box contain? 

 Sriracha sauce
 Vietnamese Beef Stock
 Ca Kho To Fish Paste 

What did I have to buy? 

Diced Pork
Brown Sugar
Thai Jasmine Rice
Spring Onions

The fresh ingredients cost me a total of £4.78 along with the recipe mix working out at approximately £2.50 this meal only cost £7.28, although it didn't feed 3 of us as well as the Penne alla Rustica it would have been much better to only feed 2. Therefore I would say this cost just under £3.64 per person. 

This was a little more complicated with a few more steps than the penne, but again it was very easy. There was more preparation involved with this meal but it was not complicated or hard work and didn't take much longer than the previous meal. The flavours were outstanding in this meal and was fairly spicy. It went down such a treat I completely forgot to get pictures of the final product. I will definitely be ordering this again so will get some pictures then :). 

Beef Massaman

Rich mild curry with a balance of sweetness and sourness.

What did the box contain?

Ginger Chicken Stock
Massaman Paste

What did I have to buy?

Thai Jasmine Rice
Diced Beef
New Potatoes
Green Beans
Coconut Milk

The fresh ingredients cost me a total of £8.13, which is the most expensive so far. The recipe mix working out at £2.50 means this meal cost a total of £10.63. This mean could have easily fed 3 adults there was plenty which means this only cost us approximately £3.54 per person. 

This meal was definitely my favourite so far, the sauce mixed with the rice was divine! There were so many flavours and different textures to this meal, and on the plus side my son had 2 portions which is very good for a very fussy child. 

Hot Cajun Meatballs

Louisiana style hot pot with sweet and tangy hot sauce

What did the box contain?

Chicken Stock 

Cajun Seasoning
Hot Pepper Sauce

What did I have to buy?

Chopped Tomatoes
Green/Red Pepper
Thai Jasmine Rice

The fresh ingredients only cost me £4.08 which is the cheapest out of all 4 meals. Meaning this meal cost a total of £6.58. I did not give this meal to my son as it had a very spicy sauce to add, but it did feed the 2 of us well, which works out at only £3.29 per person. 

This dish was right up my street it was tomatoey and very spicy. I love spicy food, more the better in my opinion. It was a little bit much for my boyfriend, but he said the flavours were still lovely and the sauce complimented the meatballs well, saying it probably wouldn't have mince or any other form of meat. Again as with all the other dishes I thought the flavours were lovely, not like anything you would get from a jar or homemade sauce. 

My Final Thoughts

Simply cook has definitely been worth it. The flavours in every single meal have been amazing, I can't believe the difference from using my "in the cupboard" herbs and spices, oils etc to the quality and flavours of the Simply Cook ones. I can't believe my fussy toddler and just as fussy boyfriend have loved all of the meals they have had. 

Value for money? So for 4 meals that happily filled all 3 of us cost a total of £31.69, meaning on average that is only £2.64 per person, per meal. I think that is great value for money, especially how tasty all the food was. I will definitely be enjoying Simply Cook meals more often. There are optional extras you can add to all the meals, I did not add any and thought the dish probably wouldn't have been enhanced in any way by adding these optional extras, obviously adding these would have increased the cost, but not by much at all. 

I would highly recommend Simply Cook to any type of household; single, couple or even a large family as ingredients can easily be increased accordingly, and I honestly don't believe the flavours would be much different. Ensure you read the description of each meal as some may not be a suitable for younger children, like the meatballs in my case they might have been too spicy for my 3 year old. Novice cooks or experienced cooks it does not matter, the recipes are all very simple and easy to follow. Busy households would benefit from these recipes as they are very quick to prepare and cook and in our case eat as they were so tasty. 

If you would like to try Simply Cook you can get your first trial box for only £1, just click here

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

My Favourite Make-up Items

July 25, 2017 25 Comments

Make- up is a massive part of my life. I enjoy trying out all different looks, and I am slowly starting to get more confident. Although, I have finally given up on brows, those people who get fleeky brows, I truly commend your art and skill :). Since having my little boy I gained a lot of weight, now with my hours of work (twlight hours) exercise has completely gone out the window, but I am happy and that is all that matters right? I truly believe noone can tell you that make-up doesn't fit you, or it doesn't look right on you, like they can with clothes. 

I am going to show you all my favourite make-up pieces I use these on a daily basis, they range from a mid budget to a low budget. None of my make up is high end, mainly because I like to try new products out far too often so, to be honest I begrudge feeling like I have wasted money if I don't like the product. 

Where possible I will link all the products, some of the products I use are 
seasonal products, and some products cannot be purchased in the UK without getting them shipped over from elsewhere. 


I use Mac Studio Fix Foundation that has an SPF 15. This is an oil controlling foundation that is suppose to be a medium/full coverage. I have very oily skin unfortunately, this really does help because it has a matte finish. This foundation does give me a medium coverage but is very buildable to give a full coverage. I use colour NC30. 

RRP £23.50 


I use Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer, my son is 3 years old and I work until the early morning so I get very dark circles under my eyes. This is perfect to cover those up, along with brightening the under eyes. For my skin, this works perfectly over the top of the Mac foundation and does not cake at all. I use the colour Ivory, this is the lightest shade, that is because I like to have very bright under eyes. I purchase this product from many different places, varying in prices, such as Boots, Superdrug and even my local supermarket. 

RRP £5.49


I use the Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder, as I've said my skin is extremely oily so along with a mattifiying foundation I also like to set my Make-up with a mattifying powder. I find this great for my skin, it does not cake or gather around my spots or in my creases. I use the colour translucent because I do not need any extra coverage and I like the colour my foundation gives me. I buy this product along with the concealer as Rimmel are great with the offers they provide and normally have a 3 for 2 offer, so this will be purchased from either boots, superdrug or along with my weekly shop. 

RRP £3.99

Contour and Blush

I have grouped these together because one of the blushes I use comes in a handy palette with highlight, contour and blush so is great to travel with.The palette is the Rimmel Kate Sculpting Palette Although I don't use the highlight much the contour is a great matte shadow shade and the blush is a lovely pink shade. The shade I use is Coral Glow. This is usually by third item when purchasing the other Rimmel products. 

RRP £6.99

I could not decide between these 2 blushers so I have included this one as well which is a Kiko blusher, this was a limited edition summer product for 2016 so can no longer be bought. It has much more shimmer than the Rimmel blusher but I like to mix all the colours and it gives a lovely pink colour. 


I use 2 different types of highlighter, I love them both, which one I choose to use usually depends which one is at the top of my make-up bag. I honestly couldn't decide between the 2. The first is Mac Mineralize Skin Finish in the shade soft and gentle. This gives a beautiful peachy bronzed highlight. 

RRP £24.50

The other one I use is the Wet n Wild Mega Glo highlighting powder in the shade Precious Petals. For the price this is a highly pigmented highlighter that gives a beautiful pearly glow. Unfortunately I don't believe you can purchase Wet n Wild products in the UK yet. I know it can be purchased in Ireland as my boyfriends cousin gave it to me whilst over on a trip. 


My favourite palette I am currently obsessed with is the Sigma Warm Neutrals Palette. This palette consists of 12 neutral shade- I'm a full neutrals girl myself. I cant brave those bright colours right now, but I'm getting there, a year ago I wouldn't have touched eyeshadows at all. This palette has a mix of shimmer and matte shades of which I like to use both when doing my eyeshadow. This was a lovely gift from my boyfriends cousin but I have managed to find it on a UK website. 

RRP £29.50

Another eyeshadow I like to use in my inner corner to highlight is the Mac Pro Longwear Paintpot in the colour Vintage. It is a very creamy eyeshadow but it dries instantly and stays put all day. It is very highly pigmented and gives a really lovely glow. 

RRP £16


I have finally mastered the art of the sharp wing and now I can't not do it every time I do my make up. I love how a winged eyeliner accentuates my eyes. I use the Mac Fluidline Pen. It is a deep black and does not smudge. I find it very easy to use to create that cat eye effect. 

RRP £18.50


I use the Kiko Extra Sculpt Volume Mascara, in black. It is an extremely volumising mascara that gives great lengths. I have very small eyelashes so need the extra volume and length. I also don't have much curl to my eyelashes and this does help with that although not a great amount. I have tried endless amounts of mascaras and finally feel like I have found my favourite. The brush is an hourglass shaped brush so grips all the eyelashes although I wouldn't use it on the bottom lashes as it is a very large brush. 

RRP £8.90


I honestly could not pick 1 lipstick or even 2 so I decided to just show you my collection. Who says they only use 1 lipstick anyway it all depends on the look your going for right? 

I won't go into too much detail about each one but as you can tell I'm a very nude lip type of girl with the odd deep purple/red which I love to wear in the Autumn/Winter. 

From left to right;

Wet n Wild Mega Last Liquid Catsuit in the shade Give Me Mocha 

RRP £9

RRP £4.99

RRP £5.49

RRP £16.50


Wet n Wild Mega Last Liquid Catsuit in the shade Rebel Rose 

RRP £8


I thought I would include all the brushes I use just as a guide. I won't go into detail but these are easily found online apart from the smashbox brush this came with one of my old eyeshadow palettes. The real techniques ones came in a set with 3 but I don't use the face brush mainly because I prefer the stippling and buffer brush. 

From left to right;

No 7 blusher brush
Real Techniques duo fiber contour brush
Lancome powder brush
PS stipplin and buffer brush
PS contour brush
Smashbox shimmer and matter eyeshadow brush
Real Techniques duo fiber eye brush
PS highlight brush

So that's it; my favourite make-up items. There is a whole world of products out there which I am excited to try. Let me know of any recommendations, or if there is any you would like me to take a look at, I'd be more than happy.

I am no expert in make-up, nor have I studied it in any way, I just do what I like. It's an art at the end of the day, do what you want!